Can I Sue My Personal Injury Lawyer?

Most individuals might think that it is impossible to sue a personal injury lawyer, however, the truth of the matter is that you can sue an attorney for malpractice. There is nobody who can go above the law and therefore if you have enough evidence to prove that the lawyer you hired did not handle your case as he/she should have handled it, you can sue him/her. There are various conditions under which you can sue your injury lawyer as we are going to see in this article, and if you are looking for a reliable attorney then Bergen County car accident lawyer will be the right choice.

When Can I Sue My Personal Injury Lawyer?

You can sue your personal injury attorney for:

  1. Negligence

One of the things you can sue an attorney for is negligence. You will, however, need to gather enough evidence that can prove that the attorney did not employ all the skills he/she possesses to represent you in legal matters. In other words, if the attorney did not deliver to his full potential in your case you can sue them. You can sue the attorney for negligence if:

  • The attorney did not prepare for the case properly
  • The attorney did not observe the court orders
  • Did not meet deadline requirements for the case and thus leading to loss
  • Filed wrong documents

Generally, you can sue an attorney who makes a mistake that other attorneys would not make in similar cases.

  1. Breach of Duty

You can sue an attorney for breach of duty. For instance, this can happen when the attorney settles the case without your approval or consent or when the lawyer fails to produce the necessary documents regarding the case. Likewise, if the attorney uses your funds in a way that is not meant to benefit you in your case. Breach of duty can likewise occur when the attorney lies to you on matters regarding the case proceedings or abandons the case before its settled. When the attorney does any of these, he/she breaches the duty and you can sue him/her.

  1. Breach of Contract

Another thing that you can sue an attorney for is for the breach of contract. If the attorney failed to deliver as per your agreement it is considered as a breach of contract. For instance, filing your deed and/or patent. Likewise, you can sue an attorney if he/she end up charging you more than you had agreed before agreed.

  1. Accepting Bribes

If you have evidence that the attorney you are working with took bribe from your opponent to terminate your case then you can sue them. Bribing is highly condemned by the law and anybody who takes bribe should not be spared. He/she ought to be prosecuted in a court of law for engaging in such unlawful practices.


The above are some of the conditions in which you can sue a lawyer. You should always ensure that the attorney you work with represents you properly in a court of law. If you feel you lost the case due to any of the above reasons, you can go ahead and sue the lawyer you worked with provided you can prove it in a court of law.