Do You Have to Pay for Parking at the Airport?

While there are various ride options you can opt for to take you or your family to the airport for travel, using your car is by far more comfortable and convenient. However, it comes with incurring an extra parking cost depending on how long you park at the different parking types in the airport. All airports in the contemporary era are designed with designated parking area services for their travelers at a fee. The question that most clients often ask is whether they have to pay for the parking at the airport. Well, here are a few things to get you started on what to do.

Take advantage of the free parking window

If you are dropping a relative off at the airport for the travel, be there on time so you don’t have to linger around for hours before they depart. In most Australian airport, you are exempted from any parking payments for the first 10 minutes. In fact, Cairns is one of the airports that does not charge anything within this period, irrespective of the parking slot you take. Well, it always feels great to save that extra buck for other expenses.

Consider Safety for Long parking

In as much as no one wants to keep meeting extra bills, it pays off to leave your car in a safe and secure place while travelling away for a while. Airports offer you long term parking schedules at attractive prices. For instance, Cairns airport budget parking is one of the best places you can be sure your car is in good hands during your travels. The park is located in the terminal 1 end of the airport, and it only costs you $30 for a maximum of 24 hours, and an additional $15 every other day.

For extra protection of your motor vehicle, you can also consider the covered carparks. The rates are relatively higher than those you get from Cairns airport budget parking, but with additional benefits.  All you need is to make the right call.

Choose other affordable options

Parking at the airport is not the only alternative you have before travelling. If you are not planning on staying away for too long, why not leave the car in your garage and take a taxi to the airport? By doing so you spare yourself from incurring the parking fees and the unlikely chances of exposing your vehicle to extra risks as it lies idle in the airport parking lots.

You can also keep away from the airport parking fees by leaving your car in the off-airport parks. There is no doubt the rates at the airport are comparatively high, but this is what you pay for that added convenience. If you are out to save an extra buck, go for the off-airport car packs. However, you will enjoy much more convenience and comfort by leaving your car at the airport so you don’t have to hitch a ride when you get back.