How Does Family Law Work?

What Is Family Law?

Family law is a legal branch that primarily deals with domestic and family-related issues. Some of the family issues advocated in this branch can cut across divorce, paternity issues, battery, and alimony. Family issues are much of concern and since some problems can’t be solved under the consensus that’s where we The Carr Law Firm come in to make sure your representation and litigation of related matters come to pass amicably.

What Is Included in Family Law?

Family law has many branches or subject that may be adjudicated in a court setting. The Carr Law Firm specializes in almost all legal counsels in this area that range from Paternity, adoption, child abuse, alimony, divorce, civil protection cases, marital property, and juvenile delinquency. Family law cuts across various issues related to family and domestic issues. Above it all, it is always better to seek a family lawyer of given expertise for your defense against such injunctions.

How Does It Work?

Family law offers a wide variety of areas of defense, and for any legal justification to occur, then, this is how it functions. According to us, The Carr Law Firm, we process each demand with progressive solutions for the success of your defense.

The process starts by having a consultation at our law firm. Here we seek to obtain all background information that may deem
After the client accepts our representation on defense, then we develop strategies taking into account the course of action and consequences of making the legal proceedings all drafted and processed by our team of able lawyers collectively.

When all strategies are set in place, we seek to provide the client with all details and give counsel amicably on the course of action carefully and gain consent for proceeding to a family attorney mention.

The last step is always opening a case with the court, precisely the Family division and later when the date of trial is determined we make the representation to make a full defense for you.


During the legal proceedings, the defendant is entitled various exemptions. Some cases such as parenting and alimony may require family dispute resolution as part of a court case proceeding. At this juncture, one may seek a waiver of this if;

a. There have been cases of child abuse and family violence, or there is a foreseeable risk of the same.
b. Incapacity to participate in family dispute resolution
c. The other party is not available for family dispute resolution
d. The case is urgent and needs accelerated pace within the trial.
e. There has been a contravention or order past 12 months.


Domestic violence, child abuse, and neglect are the most common cases featured in criminal proceedings that require a defense. The act of protection to a client is done by a family lawyer who is entitled to assist in counsel, negotiate a contract, to plead and other documents all in favor of the client within the legal rights.