What Are The Most Popular Types of YouTube Videos in 2021

The word popular is mostly used when we are talking about celebrities and maybe the prom king and queens, we wished would have approached us. But there’s something more about this group of people. There is a type for each of the above categories. We have formulated a masterpiece in our heads of how these people should be, how they should talk, what grades they should get, and even how their bodies look like. We are unconsciously checking our lists to see if they hit the right spot.

Now, what if we told you that YouTube has the same flaw as our own perception. And in that same way, we created popular kings and queens. We have created popular YouTube videos that cannot be stacked away. They have become our small gods for worship. And these videos have names and categories. Guess it’s time you find what they are.

Health and Fitness

This topic became famous and will still become famous in the long term. If you are thinking to start a YouTube channel in this sector, then we will highly recommend it. This type of video became popular because of the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Once this happened, people have become hyperaware of their health and have sought out information that will be helpful and useful within their home area.

These workout videos are easy to follow along and people like how they feel in the end.


There is a reason why songs like “Despacito” and “Shape of You” have many views. It’s because art touches our emotions in a way we would never imagine. It’s easy to open YouTube and listen to some good songs while you are working on your project or when the workplace has become boring.

Parody comedy

Nothing beats the hell out of life like a burst of good laughter. Channels that offer this kind of entertainment go viral easily because they are fun and act as an escape from the harsh and brutal reality of where you are and what life is like. Some of these videos are animated and can be suitable for kids also.


The world we live in calls for having new skills and ideas on how to do things differently. However, that doesn’t mean we ought to figure everything out. Tutorials give us a visual of how things are practiced and how important it is to follow all the steps in order to come up with the correct result. These videos are significant as they help us come up with ideas and methods on how to tackle our personal and even professional life.

Make-up and beauty

Beauty channels focus primarily on make-up and skincare. With their expertise, they offer viewers detailed tutorials on how to manipulate their looks and use certain products to give the best results. In short, they act as guinea pigs for good looks in order for their audience not to go through the trial and error phase.

Their popularity is leveraged to sell and feature products that end up becoming very popular.


People always want to find out ways to improve themselves. In that way, they will trade either time or money to secure such content. This is because they will find a way to help themselves and others in the same way. These videos remain relevant in the long run. That’s why they are popular in the YouTube industry.

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