Does Instagram Ever Hide User’s Posts From Its Followers?

Does Instagram hide the posts from its followers deliberately or is it just an assumption of different viewers? Well, that’s a debatable question as Instagram has recently altered its algorithm. This means that only 10% of the followers can see your posts. The algorithm is if you see this post, don’t forget to like, and comment. By this, many posts start to appear. The number of followers also affects the visibility of posts. So, let’s learn how to get more followers here.

The panic started when Instagram went missing from chronological order in 2016. Since then, rumors are arising. But it’s safe to assume that the posts that are cropped out were senseless.

However, a representative from Instagram rejected the statement regarding posts being hidden by Instagram. He added by saying that the posts aren’t restricted in any way. A minimal number of the posts deal with the person posting the posts, which causes the posts to be removed. So, if a person reports this issue that all his followers don’t view his posts, it’s because of his viewing habits. Moreover, this also means that the posts aren’t getting enough likes and comments. Consequently, an average viewer might not be able to tell how many views he got.

Moreover, misinformed posts help the algorithm by making engagements so that more people like and comment on the posts. There’s no lie in the statement that Instagram ranks posts according to the number of likes and comments. So, let’s learn how to get more followers here as the three indicators for ranking positions are as follows:

  1. Likelihood of you getting attracted to the content
  2. The timings of the posts
  3. Your connection to the owner of the post

Hence, if someone doesn’t stop on your post, likes, and drops a comment on it, Instagram won’t rank the post.

How a person uses the app

Instagram also notes down the fact of how well a person makes use of the app. For those who are daily users of the app, there are high chances that they see all the posts, even the ones posted the same day, as for the users who open the app weekly or might not see all posts.

Number of followers

Furthermore, the number of followers also matter. If you have a large following, there will be a high chance that most of your posts will be viewed. But if a person is not following a large number of accounts, he may see all the posts posted on that particular day due to less traffic. Similarly, if you follow 1000 or more accounts, Instagram will prioritize the posts for you in a way you would like to see them.

In conclusion, there is a high probability of seeing more complaints by people regarding Instagram hiding their posts from being viewed. But one should know the reasons why their posts are not getting enough views. The main factors can be your following, the number of times you open and use the app, and the quality of your content.