Is the Fairmont Mayakoba all-inclusive?

The Fairmont Mayakoba, Riviera Maya sits on 240 acres of land within the tropical forest in a private gated community. It is surrounded by a beach area of the Caribbean Pristine and gives a lot of areas for the visitors to relax and have fun. While here you can forge the city noises because all vehicles are parked outside, walking, cycling or electric golf carts are the means of transport within the resort.

The Mayakoba Fairmont gives its customers an option of all-inclusive or not packages. Most travellers who have had the pleasure of sampling the All-inclusive plan recommend it for its rates and the amenities and services you get to enjoy while here as this is most important ever to a number of people.

Choosing an all-inclusive package means you get to enjoy their award-winning restaurants and access to the amenities in the facility. This package is inclusive of beach services during operating hours, breakfast at Brisas Restaurant, wine, beer, and water plus snacks in your room, Las Olas bar, Aqua bar, Brisas, La Laguna and Bamboo pools and restaurants including the El Puerto. The package, however, does not include the clubhouse and the golf, the Willow Stream Spa and food and beverage at Rosewood.

This package is ideal for everyone seeking to save money because you get the best services and access to almost every other facility within the premises of the resort. It also caters for the couple with children, it, however, does not include meals for the children that are above the age of 6 years.

Unlike other hotel’s all-inclusive packages where food is mass produced and you are limited to what to eat, at the Fairmont Mayakoba you order from the menu meaning that you get to eat what you want and in great quality. Even though some food on the menu is subject to surcharging, depending on what order.

Who is this package for then?

The all-inclusive package at the Fairmont Mayakoba targets all its clients but mostly, travellers who have a set budget and have to stick to but still have fun and enjoy the serenity of Mexico. It is advantageous for those people who enjoy staying in one place and exploring the rest of the city while returning to the same place for accommodation.

So, let’s evaluate how much of the definition, Fairmont Mayakoba all-inclusive package meets. First, anyone who pays for the package is given accommodation, we have seen breakfast, lunch, and supper provided for as well as access to the minibar and poor services.

It is therefore based on these features an all-inclusive resort. All the essentials of a traveller have been provided for.