Why Outsourcing to Ukraine is a Wise Choice for Entrepreneurs?

Ukraine has been described as the primary IT outsourcing destination for over two decades. The benefits of outsourcing to this Eastern European country are self-evident: you can tap into the vast resources of the pool of IT engineering talent for pretty affordable prices.

In fact, Cisco, Samsung and Oracle have opened their R&D centers in this land of opportunity. If such tech giants take a liking to it, why not consider offshore software development company in Ukraine? Let’s see the reasons for it.

Ukraine’s IT Outsourcing Sector is on the Rise

The outsourcing industry in Ukraine has been on the rise since the early 2000s. It has skyrocketed to $4.5 billion by the end of 2018 (seeing a 20% increase from 2017). Currently, the IT outsourcing sector is the third most profitable sphere for this country’s economy. The total number of software developers in Ukraine is expected to soar to 125% by 2025.

Here is how Ukraine looks from the perspective of software engineering skills:

  • Ukraine has been called the “Outsourcing Destination of the Year” by Global Sourcing Association.
  • Ukraine has been featured in the list of top 30 countries which are excellent offshore providers for seven years straight.

Ukrainian IT vendors are constantly added by Clutch.co, a trustworthy research organization from Washington D.C. (in both “Top Custom Software Development Companies” and “Top IT Outsourcing Firms” categories).

Let’s look at 3 specific reasons for outsourcing IT projects to this country.

Reasons to Outsource IT projects to Ukraine

Quality/cost ratio

Every discerning entrepreneur wants good quality for a reasonable price. Ukrainian IT market meets both needs: the local developers’ salaries in Ukraine are lower than in the States and West European countries, while the level of coding is very high.

Outsourcing presupposes hiring an offshore team only when needed, instead of having a full-time staff on the payroll when there’s no work. The developers’ salaries are usually $25-50 per hour. It is more cost-efficient than in Western Europe or in North America.

The sea of experts

Ukraine has some solid education, especially when it comes to mathematics and technical area. The system yields thousands of engineering specialists from top universities, many of whom become top software developers.

There are up to 185,000 of IT specialists in Ukraine. This number is estimated to double by 2025.

The year 2020 is expected to be the year when the Ukrainian IT industry reaches $10 billion in value. The country is the fourth in the world by the number of tech workers after the U.S., India, and Russia. Ukraine is ranked the 8th among the world’s top countries, where most programmers are based.

Ukrainian developers have mastered a variety of IT technologies:

The most popular languages are Java, JavaScript, PHP, and Python. Additionally, Ukraine has the highest ranking of Unity3D game developers and C++ engineers; it has no deficiency in mobile app developers either.

There are both middle and senior programmers in Ukraine:

  • 36% of the developers are middle developers
  • 19% are senior developers

A good place for cooperation

Up to 80% of Ukrainian IT specialists speak English fluently. The culture and work ethics are pretty much the same as among the businesses in the U.S. and EU. Developers take on challenging tasks head-on and don’t slack till they find optimal solutions. Many programmers are ready to work extra hours and if necessary, on holidays (there are not many public or religious holidays in Ukraine compared to a more multicultural and multireligious atmosphere of Asian countries).


Final Thoughts

Based on the facts about IT climate in Ukraine, you can say it’s likely to remain a destination for IT outsourcing in years to come, as it possesses a large pool of IT resources and preferable price-to-quality ratio.